The Dropshipper Strategies eBook

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This book is an actual step-by-step strategy that you can copy and paste into your dropshipping business model to make it successful. No other dropshipping book has these strategies.


Chapter 1: Product Selection

1.1 Product Selection Criteria

1.2 Product Research Methods

1.3 Product Validation Methods

Chapter 2: Creating Ads

2.1 What Makes an Ad Video Good

2.2 Common Mistakes when Creating Ads

2.2 How to Create Professional Ads

Chapter 3: Facebook Ads Strategies

3.1 Facebook Ads Important Theory

3.2 Reading Facebook Data

3.3 Facebook Launch Strategy

3.4 Facebook Ads Retargeting Strategy

3.5 Re-Investing into Content

3.6 Scaling Strategy

3.7 Consistency with Facebook Ads

Chapter 4: Influencer Marketing

4.1 Types of Influencers

4.2 Finding Page Influencers to Work With

4.3 The power of Micro-Influencers

Chapter 5: Low Budget Instagram Launch Strategy

5.1 How to Start Launch with Influencers

5.2 How to analyze page influencers

5.3 How much should you pay Influencers

5.4 Instagram Launch Strategy Cost Accounting

Chapter 6: Protecting Your Online Business

6.1 Protecting your Ad Account

6.2 Protecting Your Business Manager


66 reviews for The Dropshipper Strategies eBook

  1. Shay Chavaun

    I had been researching this topic, and only wish I’d read this book first. I now have a step-by-step plan to get my business going.

  2. Connor Moringstar

    This book is at last extraordinary, to such an extent that I was stunned to see this book figured it out. This book contains a great deal of important data that is valuable to us. I delighted in perusing the book. The book has some significant focuses that I like a ton.

  3. Kevin Cardenas

    Great book, provides with great details and ideas to start a drop shipping business. Highly recommended, to all beginners and experts in this area.

  4. Clive Gayle

    This book has help elevate my business well worth the purchase

  5. Debbie Wilson

    Great book with current information! Priceless! No pun intended. Easy to read. Plus simplifying the campaigns structures in a way that makes it easy to apply. Highly recommended.

  6. Tatiana S.

    I love that this book is made for Dropshippers. Very specific strategies and great author who actually helps when you reach out for him.

  7. Philippe M.

    I liked the book, it is clear and you got the absolute understanding on how dropshipping business works. I would recommend it for anyone who is Drop Shipping.

  8. Timothy C. Huff

    This is by far the best book about dropshipping available. Mohammad explains the concepts in a very straight forward way that allows the reader to understand the unique aspects of a dropshipping business model as well as the technical elements that are essential to a successful online business. Mohammad is a true expert dedicated to providing truth and transparency into what’s allowed them to be successful. Any ecommerce professional worth his/her salt needs to read this book!

  9. Lucwilerme Raymond

    Overall it’s an amazing book.It teaches me a lot. Not only it mentions the steps to being successful as a dropshipper, it gives clear details and examples too which made me understand very well.

  10. Francisco Guerrero

    This book is very informative. I believe this is a good road map to running an online drop shipping business.

  11. Petey

    Very detailed and thorough. I was very keen on starting a small dropshipping business but after reading this I’m not so sure its for me! Be prepared to invest time, money and there are no guarantees. Not as easy as it sounds but a well written book and worth reading for sure.

  12. Sandra O.

    Straight to the point!

  13. Ronald Hokett

    60 pages that will change your like. Great job being straight forward and to the point. Highly recommended!!

  14. Jack Gereau

    Very informative and a very good read. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to get into the business.

  15. William Elliott

    I started a dropshipping business a few years ago and it was a disaster; now I know why. After reading The Dropshipper Strategies, I realized that I did everything wrong. I like the principles of the dropshipping business, and I may make another attempt at it in the future starting it as a side project, and if i do, The Dropshipper Sstrategies will be my guide. I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting a dropshipping business. Even if you’ve read other books and think that you’re ready — read this one before you start!

  16. Rohan Amin

    I thought the book gave the right information in the right amount. Not too much info and not to little info. Over all a good primer for getting into the drop shipping business.

  17. Donald Megal

    Only 59 pages in this book. And they are worth a million bullshit gurus out there!!!!

  18. Christian Stolz

    It is easy to see that the author is a doer and has actually implemented the things that he mentions in his book. You can be seen as Mohmmad describes many subjects in their details and details that only someone who really knows about them can know. Above all, the strategies are well described and very clear for implementation. I have already read many “Dropshipping” books, and nothing explains the details as much as The Dropshipper Strategies.

  19. Paul Miller

    When it comes to dropshipping, there’s a LOT of junk information on the internet. That’s why I was initially skeptical of this book. However, I have to say this is actually a really solid resource for anyone looking to learn more about how to start and operate a dropshipping business. A+ stuff.

  20. Maria Antione

    This book is phenomenal for anyone starting dropshipping!

  21. Terry Coleman

    You can actually apply the strategies in this book to your business! No meaningless talk just strategies with actual numbers you can copy and paste into your Ads Manager! This is the best book out there!

  22. Dmitry

    Before this book, I didn’t know anything about dropshipping and how to make money online with this type of business. I want to say “Thank you” to the author for introduction and determination of dropshipping. So good luck to everyone in building of your online business!

  23. Andrew Scott

    Very Informative and no page fillers. Its very to the point and tells all you need to know to get started in drop shipping. It even includes all the warnings and cons that comes with doing this kind of business. I would highly recommend giving this a read before you start your journey as a drop shipper.

  24. Connor Moringstar

    Easy to read and understand. Cannot wait to apply the strategies on my store!

  25. Mike Gordon

    Excellent resource book! I’m starting an online business and turned to this book for the beginner basics, it turns out it shows expert strategies. As I learn more about drop shipping, the book’s knowledge keeps pace with where I’m at and I understand the deeper concepts. I guess I am saying that this book meets you at whatever level you’re at and delivers great information. I won’t be outgrowing it any time soon. It’s very well written and easy to understand.

  26. Antonio Mian

    This book should be at least $100!!! Great book man

  27. Matthew Bourdon

    If you are serious about learning all things drop-shipping and how to get started, work the processes, and become successful then buy this book!!! All those Google articles are helpful tips but have nothing on the meat and potatoes you get from this excellent read!!

  28. Shawn Graham

    Whether you’re considering launching an ecommerce business for the first time, or you’re a seasoned and savvy online store owner, I highly recommend The Dropshipper Strategies. Written using real-world examples and language that’s easy to understand, this book includes all of the tools you’ll need to successfully launch and grow your online sales – from how to pick the right products, to proven Facebook and Instagram strategies, and everything in between.

  29. Shanique lindo

    I’m currently starting my dropshipping business.
    Knowledge is power and this book gave me a lot of knowledge on topics that I was not aware of

  30. Lori Mcreynolds

    I like this book and would like to Thank You for your after sale service on your IG!

  31. Gino J.

    I knew nothing about dropshipping before reading this book. The information given was so easy to understand, brief and well written that I’m sure anyone wanting to start a dropshipping business can do it after reading this book.

  32. Armen Germain

    I don’t really have anything to add here that’s not already been said. Great Book.

  33. Nina David

    Very quick to get through but very detailed and straight forward strategies. Link within the book actually worked (unlike another book I purchased at the same time) and information clear. Definitely worth reading.

  34. Anthony

    I cannot believe this book actually exists! Better than any of the fake “Millionaire Gurus” on YouTube. Mohammad actually explains step-by-step strategies and how to implement them. Great job by the author, actually knows what he’s talking about. Recommended to every dropshipper.

  35. Mike Ventura

    This book is a an absolute gold mine. There is so much information that takes a lot of guess work out of developing my Dropshipping business. Reached out to the author, guy is so nice and clearly brilliant, will probably have him do a little consulting for me but in just that little bit the growth potential I’m seeing is beyond what I imagined. Super helpful. Anybody in the Dropshipping business MUST read this book.

  36. Efren Gort

    I really enjoyed the step by step methods to essentially do things the right way the first time with pro tips and examples. I’m surprised that it took someone so long to create an amazing guide through the eyes of an actual expert – My guess is that a lot of people are just winging it. Thank you for giving away some of your secrets! The books ideas are transferable, in my opinion, to any type of online business.

  37. Andrew Roberts

    This book is a must for anyone selling online. The author has so many insights and tips that this book will pay for itself 100 times over. I’ve sold on eBay for years but Dropshipping is where the real volume occurs.

    Competing on Facebook is truly challenging however the strategies in this book will help me grow my presence. I wish I would have known more of this years ago. My business would have been five years ahead of its time. Will be recommending this book for my business associates and entrepreneur friends!

  38. J. Barto

    I don’t normally write reviews but as I’m already seeing a slight uptick in sales from taking some tips from this book, I felt I would give the author kudos. This book helps to ‘read between the lines’. It’s very easy to get to selling, but if you want to maximize your efforts, this is a quick read and certainly a worthwhile investment.

  39. Jamal E.

    This book is a gamechanger! I don’t know why Facebook does not teach bulletproof strategies that actually work. Great job by the author explaining step-by-step what to do in a straight forward manner. Definitely recommended to all who are dropshipping!

  40. Marco Wolk

    What an absolute gem. Read the book in 1 day and I could see every mistake I ever made during my dropshipping years. I love the troubleshooting table and how it pinpoints exactly where to find your drop-off and how to fix it. I sent the author a DM on Instagram and he was very helpful. Up to his word and knows what he’s talking about. Best investment I made in a book ever.

  41. Theano Mancini

    This book feels like a course. It is applicable and easy to read and understand. I would give this book 100 stars rating if I could!!!

  42. S. Hase

    This book is a must! I think it’s good that the relevant advantages and disadvantages are named for the sales methods. So everyone can find out for themselves which strategy they want to work with. This book also calculates the costs that the seller would incur. You can’t ask for more information and transparency.

  43. Claudi Walter

    This book is pure strategies book as explained in the title. Great job done by the author explaining step by step strategies. Easy to read and follow.

  44. Gerhardt Rochus

    I have been Dropshipping for over 4 years now and when I read this book I got chills! The ideas on how to troubleshoot will cut down my testing budget drastically, I cannot believe how these strategies are never explained before by any course or youtuber that explains Dropshipping. Amazing book for anyone who wants to start from zero or if you are already have a store.

  45. Hubert Aurel

    The book is very easy to understand and the tips are great for beginners and experts. Amazing strategies and the author is very helpful when you contact him.

  46. Gustave Célestin

    I have never left a review on anything I bought online but this book deserves it! Really amazed with the content in this book. Very clear step by step strategies and explanations. Gave me a clear prespective on why my Dropshipping stores have not bringing profit. I know exactly how to fix the issues now because of The Dropshipper Strategies! Amazing author who knows what he’s talking about.

  47. Matjaž Hermes

    I’ve been looking for a book like this for a long time. I’ve been dealing with the topic for a while and just haven’t found such a good book. The author really gives step-by-step instructions on the subject and thanks to this guide I have come a lot further in my business.

  48. Andrea K.

    After reading a few books on ecommerce, I landed in a gold mine with this book. Top. The author Mohammad Odeh really gets to the point and explains the application in an understandable and step-by-step manner! Super.

  49. Jael Hélder

    Everything you want to know about drop shipping can be found here in this book. Many courses cost hundreds of euros and you never know what to expect. The money I spent here was worth every penny and for the added value that I got here. Deserved 5 stars from me and great praise to the author for providing FREE support on his Instagram as he promises in his book!

  50. Fúlvio Catrine

    I have been trying to make money with Dropshipping for a long time now. But to this day I haven’t found a really good book. But it is different with this book. It will really describe everything in great detail, so that no questions remain unanswered. You can tell that the author has knowledge and experience. Best book recommendation!

  51. Pran Blago

    This book gives you a very extensive and precise strategies for dropshipping. I believe that all the relevant points and things that you should pay attention to are explained in a very easy to understand way. A highly recommended guide!

  52. Abraham

    This book explains everything about dropshipping in the best possible way. Dropshipping has great potential to generate income alongside or actively. Since every start is difficult, this book offers really successful step-by-step instructions on how to get started with dropshipping yourself

  53. Andreas Maliano

    This book is currently the most up-to-date on the market. And I’ve read some. In my more than nine years of practice, I have learned something myself. In my opinion, a “must have” on the bookshelf. Beginners get a good overview and professionals can get rid of their “operational blindness”. An added value for all target groups.

  54. Nazar Arsen

    In general, books on dropshipping are rather difficult to find – but then finding a good book is really rare!
    You can tell that the author Mohammad has experience in the field of e-commerce (and also has a commercial education).
    Highly recommended!

  55. Azat Grigor

    I only bought this book because I was looking for a book on the subject of dropshipping, and that’s when I came across this book. I didn’t want to search for information from the Internet without any truth, I wanted to have a book with a lot of organized information in hand. This book is great because you get tips from a professional who has been in the dropship business for over 10 years.

  56. Byron Corey

    This book is very worth reading and anyone who is new to this subject will get a lot of information here.
    A lot of motivation is also given here, so this book is important reading for everyone who wants to deal with the topic of e-commerce. Great author who helps out if you contact him. Thank you!

  57. Shane Randall

    From my point of view, a very successful book on this topic, provides well-founded information and should be read by everyone who wants to deal with eCommerce, plans to work here or is already active
    the author is clearly an expert in this field
    I’ve been self-employed in eCommerce for almost 2 years and, despite my already varied experience, I was able to learn a lot from this book.
    Really recommended!

  58. Elias Lovell

    AMAZING! I love this book/course. This book is more like a guide than a book, step-by-step strategies that will change your dropshipping thinking!

  59. Wade Leland

    I’ve been looking into making money online a lot lately and came across dropshipping. Since the Google research was not enough for me, I looked for a book and found this one. The author of this book has tried very hard to present and explain such a complex topic as understandably as possible. The method is very well described and also the perfect instruction manual for a new career path for anyone who wants to start or already is running a Dropshipping business. The advantages and disadvantages are stated openly, so there are no hidden obstacles.

  60. Salim Moath

    I don’t usually write reviews, but since I’ve figured out how important it is, I’ve thought I do.
    I can only say that this book overshadows all knowledge that is available on the Internet, neither YouTube nor other channels have conveyed the knowledge to me as well as this book.
    All technical terms are explained in detail and you know what it is about, but I always found the dropshipping topic confusing, but here it is simply explained perfectly. Great reference work, I will certainly get the hardcopy version again

  61. Marwan Nobani

    The book is certainly one of the best entry-level books and experts in dropshipping. All relevant topics are highlighted in a clear and understandable way. Highly recommended !

  62. Jalal Munir

    I love the fact that Mohammad (the author) explains the ads manager campaigns in charts which makes it sooooo much easier to understand and apply. This book is a must for anyone in the dropshipping business even if you are already getting profitable sales, you will use the strategies in this book to scale your business to a different level. Amazing book.

  63. Bakr Hadi

    Was an absolutely great book! Very helpful strategies for launching new products and very logical in how and why each thing is done allowing anyone to understand (and modify) techniques for any sector

  64. Mohammad Othman

    Steps mentioned are a game changer. I am a entreprenuer for past 3 years, made almost a quartee million and fell down. After reading this book, it definitly gave clarity of how to scale up systematically and effectively. Mohammad is clearly an expert who is very helpful if you reach out for him as he explained in the introduction.
    Highly recommend this book specially to those entrepreneurs who saw the ups and downs of their business cycle.

  65. Abd Al-Rahman Basim

    The author explains each idea with multiple examples and from different angle which makes this book easy to apply. You can start applying these strategies directly into your business. Absolute gold mine!

  66. Younes Zahrah

    It’s a book that show us something like a step by step how we can create a million dollar business but the game changer in this book is that he is simplify the process for we can really see happening, it’s a great book

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